This page is a triubute to the man who started and built Wildfire Motorsports to what it is today, Calvin Carrington. Calvin was born and raised in the Northeast. Calvin called Sturbridge Mass his home for many years, and it is where he met and married his wife, Kelley Carrington, in 1981. In the mid 80s Calvin worked for a Honda dealership when he finally decided he was going to take the risk of a lifetime and start his own automotive repair center. With only $500 left in the bank, Calvin started Calvin's Auto. The new business venture worked and quickly grew from a one car bay shop to two car bay and eventually into a new bigger building. In 1991 Calvin was watching monster trucks on ESPN, and he turned to Kelley and said, I want to do that. Kelley never thought it would be anything serious, and played along with this phase in Calvin's life. Calvin bought the War Wagon dodge monster truck in 1991.

However, the War Wagon truck was too heavy and was underpowered, and Calvin quickly grew out of the truck. He sold the War Wagon truck and then bought a Toyota monster truck called Bay Boy, which Calvin then renamed Distant Thunder.

Yet again however, Calvin outgrew this truck with the evolution of the industry going towards trucks with more horsepower and more updated suspension technology. Calvin then sold the Distant Thunder Toyota and bought one of the top trucks on the monster truck circuit, Buffalo Tremor. Calvin then renamed the truck Wildfire, and everything took off from there. With top notch equipment under him, Calvin quickly started to impress many people within the industry. Calvin joined the USHRA tour and won a divisional championship in 1994 for USHRA.

Calvin was not content with just one truck, and soon Wildfire Motorsports was being built. One of Calvin's first trucks built made its debut in Bangor Maine in 1995 as the Undertaker.

Calvin then wanted to step up his own truck, and began building another chassis to run the Wildfire name on. Once the chassis was completed, he sold his old Wildfire truck that brought him such sucsess to Dan Galvis who ran it as American Guardian. Below is a picture of American Guardian, the paint isn't even dry in this shot. Galvis drove this truck but then quickly handed off the driving duties to Joe Bagdonis and eventually Rick Raab, who campaigns a new chassis under the same name at some of the biggest Monster Jam events across the country.

After Galvis built a new American Guardian chassis with Rick Raab, the chassis was sold back to Calvin Carrington who turned it around and sold it overseas to the UK, where the truck currently runs today as one of the top trucks on the MTRA-E circuit, Slingshot.

The new Wildfire truck was completed and fit Calvin like a glove. Calvin had the perfect motor placement, with the engine in the front. Calvin always loved the feel of a front-engine truck and designed the rest of his stable around that idea. His suspension was ideas taken from his previous and current trucks. Calvin loved the chassis so much that he remained in this chassis for nearly 10 years and finished his life in this truck. The Wildfire truck debuted with a Toyota body, another new revolution within the monster truck industry as Toyota bodied trucks were few and far between.

Calvin's sucsess as an independent took off. Calvin won 4 championships himself with the American Monster Truck Association (AMTA) series. Meanwhile, Wildfire Motorsports continued to grow. Calvin signed a deal with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and began to build and campaign more and more trucks. At its peak, Calvin Carrington and Wildfire Motorsports owned 13 different monster trucks across the United States and even down in Australia. The trucks were known for their interchangable bodies and always changing looks. Calvin ran his trucks under the names of Undertaker, The Rock, Austin 3:16, Stone Cold 3:16, Texas Rattlesnake 3:16, Kane, Brothers of Destruction, Hulkster just to name a few.

Calvin also ran his own independent names along with Wildfire, such as Krocadile Hunta, Buffalo Tremor, Bearfoot USA, Bad Boy and many others.

In 1995, Calvin and Kelley gave birth to their first son, Kyle Carrington in Mass. With a bouncing new baby boy on his hands now as well, Calvin decided to sell some of his chassis, eventually bringing his team down to 5 trucks. Calvin then sold his remaining shares of his Auto shop and in 2002, took his family and moved to the quiet small town of Boston Georgia. Calvin found a brand new shop there to operate his team out of.

Once Calvin had his team down to a much more managable 5 trucks, Calvin went to work rebuilding and fine tuning each individual chassis. Calvin put hundreds of hours into each chassis to make sure his trucks were as top notch as many others on the tour. In 2005 Calvin bought the "HBR 001" chassis, the original Hall Brothers Racing chassis that was running under the name Skelator. Calvin then stepped up his operation by going to full vinyl wraps, and the Skelator truck was his first wrap, becoming the Bulletproof chevy and making its debut in Thomasville GA in May of 2005. The Bad Boy truck quickly got new skin as well, transforming into the Iron Horse truck in the Summer of 05. Calvin himself picked up a new body and deal with Full Throttle Magazine. As an avid Harley-Davidson fan Calvin was thrilled to have a body ont the truck that really fit who he was. The Terminator body which Calvin was campaigning until 2005 went to Billy Chapin, and the Wildfire and Goldberg bodies switched from location to location around the country on the low cradle chassis.

At the end of 2005, Calvin started another new venture, Wildfire Automotive. Coming back to his roots, Calvin went back into the Auto repair and towing business as a means to continue to make money and stay active during the downtime of the monster truck off season. It was his vision to eventually retire and have fun in his small town with his small town automotive business.

Starting off 2006, Calvin took his Full Throttle truck along with the Iron Horse truck on the TBO Monster Motornationals tour across the Southeast. In 12 events held, Calvin had won 11 of 12 racing events, only losing once in the finals to new team driver Chris Powell in Iron Horse. Calvin had a clean sweep of the freestyle competitions, going 12 for 12 on the series. Calvin and Chirs brought their trucks to Tulsa Oklahoma for the Daryl Starbird show to run along side their other 2 trucks on tour at the time, Terminator and Bulletproof. It was here were Calvin suffered his fatal accident with a tough truck.

Many people who spoke with Calvin, including myself, knew that he left us a very happy man. He had developed his Wildfire Motorsports team exactly how he wanted it, with multiple trucks that were all competitive against any other equipment on the circuit. Calvin jokingly told me that it was not about the streak he was currently on on the TBO tour, but about the fans that he had entertained at the show.

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