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Utah is, and has been since its founding, a state in change. We’re growing, we’re progressing, we’re constantly on the move, it seems, financially, industrially, technologically, and of course, in the work force.

Some jobs that were popular fifty or sixty years ago are unheard of these days. Jobs that will be popular in fifty or sixty years — we may not even be able to guess.

But today, what we can guess are which jobs are going to be the most beneficial in one year, or even a few. Because we’ve crunched the data, and we’ve come up with a list of the fastest growing jobs in Utah.

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Here are the top 10 fastest growing jobs in Utah, and below, we’ll show you the top 100:

  1. Veterinary Technician Jobs (Overview)

  2. Operations Analyst Jobs (Overview)

  3. Software Developer Jobs (Overview)

  4. Web Developer Jobs (Overview)

  5. Interpreter And Translator Jobs (Overview)

  6. Personal Banker Jobs (Overview)

  7. Marketing Internship Jobs (Overview)

  8. Miner Jobs (Overview)

  9. Business Analyst Jobs (Overview)

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  10. Helper Jobs (Overview)

Okay, so really–this is pretty cool. Who would have thought, even twenty years ago, that veterinary technologists and technicianss and operations research analystss would be so in demand?

Not only does this mean we’re progressing in some important areas, but it also means you might just be able to snag yourself a more secure job.

We’ll get to the details of said jobs in a moment. First, here’s how we came up with this list.

How we determined the fastest growing jobs in Utah

Every couple of years each state’s Department of Labor works in conjunction with the Bureau of Labor Statistics to compile projections for job growth by occupation. The government last completed this research in 2014 with projections going out until 2024.

Because this is America and the government never makes it easy, we had to gather the data from all the states individually to develop a master database.

We then identified the occupations in Utah that are projected to have at least 1,000 workers in 2024 so that the jobs will still be relevant. This left us with data for 257 occupations in Utah.

Next, we ranked every occupation based on job growth, from 1 to 257.

At the end of the day, the data showed that veterinary technologists and technicianss will be the fastest growing job in Utah.

Why the fastest growing jobs in Utah matter

Sure, it’s certainly interesting to see what sort of trends jobs will take over the next decade, because jobs are a great way to see what direction Utah is heading.

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But aside from being merely ‘interesting,’ it’s also good to note which jobs will be more secure, and more readily available now and in the coming years. If you’re looking for something that will last–take a look at this list.

From veterinary technologists and technicianss to operations research analystss, these jobs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

And now, here’s a look at the 100 fastest growing jobs in the Beehive State.

Detailed List Of The Fastest Growing Jobs In Utah

RankJob TitleGrowth %Average WageJobs in 2024
1Veterinary Technician179.5%$28,4101,490
2Operations Analyst160.6%$80,5701,060
3Software Developer158.8%$95,19014,040
4Web Developer155.2%$64,4203,290
5Interpreter And Translator154.6%$43,8401,670
6Personal Banker152.3%$87,6502,940
7Marketing Internship151.4%$59,2508,370
9Business Analyst149.5%$80,6605,710
11Physical Therapy Aide146.5%$22,2001,040
12Nurse Practitioner146.1%$102,0702,250
13Information Technology Manager145.1%$113,2104,470
14Personal Care Assistant144.6%$22,87012,190
15Home Health Aid144.3%$26,6204,170
16Computer Technician144.2%$46,57011,250
17Cement Mason143.9%$38,7004,100
18Computer Numerical Controller Machinist143.5%$36,2501,650
19Management Consultant143.2%$76,2109,640
20Software Engineer142.9%$101,8904,360
21Substance Abuse Counselor142.9%$43,0701,200
22Tax Preparer142.5%$50,8301,140
23Taxi Driver142.1%$24,4102,430
25Physical Therapist141.3%$83,5302,190
26Massage Therapist141.0%$32,1503,130
27Mental Health Worker140.8%$47,1402,070
28Physician Assistant140.8%$105,6901,450
29Sales Representative140.1%$51,21019,870
30Network Engineer140.0%$101,0401,120
31Meeting Planner140.0%$39,9301,190
33Crew Member138.8%$19,46051,290
34Drywall Sander138.7%$36,2303,190
35Marketing Manager138.5%$114,7302,340
36Notary Public138.5%$38,2203,060
37Database Administrator138.0%$88,0001,270
39Tile Installer137.9%$40,9602,290
40Medical Laboratory Technician137.6%$34,9602,890
41Clinical Psychology Internship137.4%$66,9202,570
42Medical Technologist137.3%$54,9803,200
43Industrial Mechanic137.2%$54,3304,540
44Construction Worker137.1%$30,79021,110
46Customer Service Representative136.6%$31,93056,610
47Mental Health Counselor136.1%$61,0801,620
48Assistant Manager135.9%$30,31010,330
49Animal Care Technician135.8%$23,8802,350
50Network Technician135.8%$56,4202,200
51Audio Visual Technician135.8%$43,7101,290
54Network Administrator135.6%$76,0805,140
55Construction Inspector135.5%$59,7501,450
56Surgical Technician135.2%$40,0001,650
59Billing Specialist134.7%$34,8605,470
60Production Operator134.2%$26,1601,020
62Glass Blower134.0%$34,4301,260
63Hvac Technician133.8%$48,5003,840
65Emergency Medical Technician133.5%$33,8903,190
66Certified Nursing Assistant133.4%$24,91014,540
67Insurance Agent133.0%$62,5605,040
71Project Manager132.7%$71,3703,530
73Industrial Engineer132.6%$88,0902,440
74Registered Nurse132.6%$62,36027,150
76Line Leader132.3%$48,0501,270
77Automotive Painter132.2%$43,9802,010
78Medical Records Clerk132.1%$40,0002,140
79Mechanical Engineer132.1%$82,0104,240
81Food Runner131.8%$20,8201,450
82Finance Representative131.7%$72,1803,860
83Cost Estimator131.6%$64,6703,040
84Plastic Technician131.5%$47,9701,420
85Medical Assistant131.5%$31,3509,610
86Medical Director131.4%$101,8703,390
87Vice President131.2%$97,2101,680
88Recreation Leader131.2%$25,9104,790
89Human Resources Manager131.2%$100,7301,220
90Respiratory Therapist131.0%$58,9701,140
91Executive Chef130.8%$42,6101,400
92Vocational Training Instructor130.7%$52,9002,980
94Child Care Provider130.6%$21,8409,940
95Gas Station Attendant130.5%$24,2301,370
96Transportation Manager130.5%$79,8501,670
97Pharmacy Technician Internship130.4%$35,1004,590
98Chemical Processor130.4%$37,1701,030
100Chemical Operator130.2%$33,1502,670

If you’re interested, you can read more about the Utah job scene here:

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