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Hertz car rental in Hartford

Rent a car in Hartford and uncover the fascinating history of one of the nation’s oldest cities. A proud literary and artistic heritage are on show throughout the capital of Connecticut.

You’ll find the former homes of Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe here, along with the oldest public art museum in the country. Alongside such historical sites, the modern Hartford has an exciting culinary scene, contemporary art galleries, green parklands and beautiful natural surroundings.

Pick up your Hartford rental car from one of our downtown collection points at Hartford Amtrak station and Constitution Plaza HLE, or at Bradley International Airport.

We have a wide selection of vehicles so you’ll be sure to find the perfect ride, whether you’re here on business or for pleasure. Choose from luxury sedans, stylish sportscars or premium SUVs. Hartford car rental is the perfect way to discover this historic city.

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Hartford - Atlantic Aviation (Private Flights Only)
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',"Mon-Fri 8:00AM-6:00PM, Sat 9:00AM-12:00PM, Sun Closed.","HFDC34",{"35":"N","36":"N","4":"N","18":"N","47":"N","43":"N","17":"N","46":"N","33":"N","52":"Y","53":"N","7":"N","55":"N","6":"Y","5":"Y","30":"N","22":"N","56":"N","1":"N","54":"N","38":"N","2":"N","16":"N","3":"N","60":"N","42":"N","39":"N","25":"N","23":"N","11":"N","51":"N","50":"N","58":"N","37":"N","10":"N","14":"N","34":"Y","26":"N","31":"N","32":"N","8":"N","12":"N","57":"Y","28":"N","13":"N","59":"","49":"N","40":"N","41":"N","21":"N","45":"N","9":"N","20":"N","19":"N","48":"N","24":"N","27":"N","44":"N","15":"N","29":"N"},"United States"],["Bradley International Airport", "41.9251","-72.6775",'

Bradley International Airport
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West Hartford - New Britain HLE
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',"Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat 9:00AM-12:00PM, Sun closed.","HFDW19",{"35":"Y","36":"N","4":"N","18":"N","47":"N","43":"N","17":"N","46":"N","33":"N","52":"N","53":"N","7":"N","55":"N","6":"Y","5":"Y","30":"N","22":"N","56":"N","1":"Y","54":"N","38":"N","2":"N","16":"N","3":"N","60":"N","42":"N","39":"N","25":"N","23":"N","11":"N","51":"N","50":"N","58":"N","37":"N","10":"N","14":"N","34":"N","26":"N","31":"Y","32":"N","8":"N","12":"N","57":"N","28":"N","13":"N","59":"","49":"N","40":"N","41":"N","21":"N","45":"N","9":"N","20":"N","19":"N","48":"N","24":"N","27":"N","44":"N","15":"N","29":"N"},"United States"],["Hartford - Tac Air (Private Flights Only)", "41.9259","-72.651",'

Hartford - Tac Air (Private Flights Only)
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',"Mon-Sun 24 hours","HFDC26",{"35":"N","36":"N","4":"N","18":"N","47":"N","43":"N","17":"N","46":"N","33":"N","52":"N","53":"Y","7":"N","55":"N","6":"Y","5":"Y","30":"N","22":"N","56":"N","1":"N","54":"N","38":"N","2":"N","16":"N","3":"N","60":"N","42":"N","39":"N","25":"N","23":"N","11":"N","51":"N","50":"N","58":"N","37":"N","10":"N","14":"N","34":"Y","26":"N","31":"N","32":"N","8":"N","12":"N","57":"Y","28":"N","13":"N","59":"","49":"N","40":"N","41":"N","21":"N","45":"N","9":"Y","20":"N","19":"N","48":"N","24":"N","27":"N","44":"N","15":"N","29":"N"},"United States"],["Hartford - Bombardier FBO (Private Flights Only)", "41.9259","-72.651",'

Hartford - Bombardier FBO (Private Flights Only)
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',"Mon-Sun 4:00AM-1:00AM","BDLT12",{"35":"N","36":"N","4":"N","18":"N","47":"N","43":"N","17":"N","46":"N","33":"N","52":"N","53":"Y","7":"N","55":"N","6":"Y","5":"Y","30":"N","22":"N","56":"N","1":"N","54":"N","38":"N","2":"N","16":"N","3":"N","60":"N","42":"N","39":"N","25":"N","23":"N","11":"N","51":"N","50":"N","58":"N","37":"N","10":"N","14":"N","34":"Y","26":"N","31":"N","32":"N","8":"N","12":"N","57":"Y","28":"N","13":"N","59":"","49":"N","40":"N","41":"N","21":"N","45":"N","9":"Y","20":"N","19":"N","48":"N","24":"N","27":"N","44":"N","15":"N","29":"N"},"United States"],["Hartford Steam Boiler", "41.7657","-72.6716",'

Hartford Steam Boiler
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Hartford Amtrak
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',"Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat-Sun closed.","HFDX22",{"35":"N","36":"N","4":"N","18":"N","47":"N","43":"N","17":"N","46":"N","33":"N","52":"N","53":"N","7":"N","55":"N","6":"N","5":"Y","30":"N","22":"N","56":"N","1":"N","54":"N","38":"N","2":"N","16":"N","3":"N","60":"N","42":"N","39":"N","25":"N","23":"N","11":"N","51":"N","50":"N","58":"N","37":"N","10":"N","14":"N","34":"N","26":"N","31":"N","32":"N","8":"N","12":"N","57":"N","28":"N","13":"N","59":"","49":"N","40":"N","41":"N","21":"N","45":"N","9":"Y","20":"N","19":"N","48":"N","24":"N","27":"N","44":"N","15":"N","29":"N"},"United States"],["Hartford - South Hartford HLE", "41.7321","-72.6699",'

Hartford - South Hartford HLE
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',"Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat-Sun Closed","HFDW24",{"35":"N","36":"N","4":"N","18":"N","47":"N","43":"N","17":"N","46":"N","33":"N","52":"N","53":"N","7":"N","55":"N","6":"N","5":"Y","30":"N","22":"N","56":"N","1":"Y","54":"N","38":"N","2":"N","16":"N","3":"N","60":"N","42":"N","39":"N","25":"N","23":"N","11":"N","51":"N","50":"N","58":"N","37":"N","10":"N","14":"Y","34":"N","26":"N","31":"Y","32":"N","8":"N","12":"N","57":"N","28":"N","13":"N","59":"","49":"N","40":"N","41":"N","21":"N","45":"N","9":"N","20":"N","19":"N","48":"N","24":"N","27":"N","44":"N","15":"N","29":"N"},"United States"],["Uber Hartford", "41.766","-72.6695",'

Uber Hartford
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',"Mon-Fri 9:00AM-4:30PM, Sat-Sun Closed.","HFDC30",{"35":"N","36":"N","4":"N","18":"N","47":"N","43":"N","17":"N","46":"N","33":"N","52":"N","53":"N","7":"N","55":"N","6":"N","5":"N","30":"N","22":"N","56":"N","1":"N","54":"N","38":"N","2":"N","16":"N","3":"N","60":"N","42":"N","39":"N","25":"N","23":"N","11":"N","51":"N","50":"N","58":"N","37":"N","10":"N","14":"N","34":"N","26":"N","31":"N","32":"N","8":"N","12":"N","57":"N","28":"N","13":"N","59":"","49":"N","40":"N","41":"N","21":"N","45":"N","9":"N","20":"N","19":"N","48":"N","24":"N","27":"N","44":"N","15":"N","29":"N"},"United States"],["Hartford Truck and Van", "41.7301","-72.7222",'


Hartford Truck and Van
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',"Mon-Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM, Sat-Sun Closed","HFDC03",{"35":"N","36":"N","4":"N","18":"N","47":"N","43":"N","17":"N","46":"N","33":"N","52":"N","53":"N","7":"N","55":"N","6":"N","5":"Y","30":"N","22":"N","56":"N","1":"N","54":"N","38":"N","2":"Y","16":"N","3":"N","60":"N","42":"N","39":"N","25":"N","23":"N","11":"N","51":"N","50":"N","58":"N","37":"N","10":"N","14":"N","34":"N","26":"N","31":"N","32":"N","8":"N","12":"N","57":"N","28":"N","13":"N","59":"","49":"N","40":"N","41":"N","21":"N","45":"N","9":"N","20":"N","19":"N","48":"N","24":"N","27":"N","44":"N","15":"N","29":"N"},"United States"],];

Pickup LocationsHartford

  • Hartford - Constitution Plaza HLE

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat 9:00AM-12:00PM, Sun closed.

    Address: 108 Constitution Plaza, , Suite A, , Intersection Talcott Street and Colombus Blvd

    Phone: (860) 247-0044

  • Hartford - Atlantic Aviation (Private Flights Only)

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-6:00PM, Sat 9:00AM-12:00PM, Sun Closed.

    Address: 20 Lindbergh Drive

    Phone: (860) 247-0044

  • Bradley International Airport

    Opening hours: Mon-Sun 4:00AM-1:00AM

    Address: 180 Schoephoester Road

    Phone: 860-386-2225

  • West Hartford - New Britain HLE

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat 9:00AM-12:00PM, Sun closed.

    Address: 1005 New Britain Avenue

    Phone: 860-953-1069

  • Hartford - Tac Air (Private Flights Only)

    Opening hours: Mon-Sun 24 hours

    Address: 85205 Fire House Road

    Phone: (860) 627-3854

  • Hartford - Bombardier FBO (Private Flights Only)

    Opening hours: Mon-Sun 4:00AM-1:00AM

    Address: Building 85 173

    Phone: (860) 627-3854

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  • Hartford Steam Boiler

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat-Sun Closed.

    Address: 1 State Street

    Phone: (860) 247-0044

  • Hartford Amtrak

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat-Sun closed.

    Address: 1 Union Place

    Phone: (860) 247-0044

  • Hartford - South Hartford HLE

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00AM-5:00PM, Sat-Sun Closed

    Address: 880 Weathersfield Avenue

    Phone: 860-296-3125

  • Uber Hartford

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM-4:30PM, Sat-Sun Closed.

    Address: 108 Constitution Plaza

    Phone: 860-247-0044

  • Hartford Truck and Van

    Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM, Sat-Sun Closed

    Address: 1005 New Britain Avenue

    Phone: 860-953-1069


Book a car

Driving in and around Hartford

Car Rental Hartford | Hertz Rent a Car (1)

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Parking in Hartford

  • One Financial Plaza Garage (06103) has more than 1,000 spaces near Hartford Police Museum and there’s room for 300 cars at Goodwin Square Garage (06103) near Bushnell Park.
  • Connecticut Convention Center (06103) has 2,600 parking spaces available for those visiting for an event. There’s room for around 1,300 vehicles at Church Street Garage (06103) opposite the XL Center and 600 spaces at Main St. Stadium Lot (06103) over the road from Dunkin Donuts Park.
  • On-street parking is available across central Hartford, with free parking on weekends and weekday evenings – check the meter for maximum length of stay.

Key roads in Hartford

  • Interstate 91 (I-91) runs north to south through Hartford along the western side of the Connecticut River, passing Bradley International Airport and connecting the city with Springfield, Massachusetts in the north and New Haven to the south.
  • Interstate 84 (I-84) connects Hartford with Waterbury and Pennsylvania to the west and Massachusetts to the northeast. The route passes through downtown Hartford, close to many main attractions.
  • Interstate 291 (I-291) is a 6.5-mile route also known as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway. It crosses the Connecticut River to join the I-91 and I-84 just north of the center of Hartford.

How to get from Bradley International Airport to Hartford

It takes around 20 minutes to drive the 15-mile route from Bradley International Airport to Hartford.

  1. Leave the Hertz car rental car park and follow the CT 20/Bradley International Airport going east.
  2. Merge onto the I-91 south and stay on it for just under 14 miles.
  3. Take exit 31 towards State Street.
  4. Turn right onto State Street and follow the road as it becomes American then Central Row in downtown Hartford.

How to get from Hartford to Boston

Boston is just over a 90-minute drive from Hartford. Take the I-84 going northeast then merge onto the I-90 in Massachusetts to make the 100-mile drive to Boston.

A quick guide to Hartford

Car Rental Hartford | Hertz Rent a Car (2)

Best hotels in Hartford

Delamar West Hartford

1 Memorial Road, CT 06107

Delamar is an elegant boutique hotel 10 minutes west of central Hartford. Spacious rooms and suites – some with kitchens – offer plenty of freedom in classy surroundings. Rest up with a range of treatments in the spa and dine at the Artisan restaurant.

The Goodwin Hotel

1 Haynes Street, CT 06103

JP Morgan’s former apartment has been transformed into a modern downtown hotel that exudes old-school class. A marble lobby greets guests, leading to comfortable rooms that retain original moldings mixed with contemporary tiled bathrooms. Grab a bite from the seasonal or tapas menu at the Spanish restaurant downstairs.

Hartford Marriot Downtown

200 Columbus Boulevard, CT 06103

Convenience is king at this hotel overlooking the Connecticut River, just down the road from the Connecticut Science Center. Soft 300-thread-count bedding ensures a good night’s rest, with an indoor pool and spa services in the wellness center offering further opportunities for relaxation.

Where to eat in Hartford


588 Franklin Avenue, CT 06114

Rustic charm creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in this family-run Italian restaurant in the South End neighborhood. Established in 1938, Carbone’s chefs cook up authentic Italian fare – from small plates to fettucine carbonara, lobster linguine and veal cuscinetto.


400 Columbus Boulevard CT 06103

Dine with a view from the 20th floor of the One State Street building at ON20. The food is just as good as the view out over the Connecticut River and city below, as chef Jeffrey Lizotte adds a French influence to an innovative menu.

Max Downtown

185 Asylum Street, CT 06103

At the heart of Hartford, Max Downtown’s spacious and arty decor perfectly suits the business district. International cuisine meets national favorites, with a menu including everything from a classic cheeseburger and New York strip steak to ahi tuna poke bowls.

Best attractions in Hartford

Mark Twain House and Museum

385 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105

Only a 10-minute drive west of central Hartford is the restored Gothic Victorian mansion where Mark Twain wrote many of his classics. Learn about the author’s life through the permanent and rotating exhibitions, while examining the three-story house’s modern features of the time including a telephone and burglar alarm.

Elizabeth Park

1561 Asylum Ave, West Hartford, CT 06117

The third-largest rose garden in the country is the highlight within Elizabeth Park, where more than 800 types of roses grow. They’re in full bloom during the month of June, but there are plenty more flowers that open up across the year, including daffodils in springtime and dahlias in fall. Meanwhile, winter visitors can enjoy ice skating in the park.

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

600 Main St, Hartford, CT 06103

This is the oldest free public museum in the US with more than 50,000 artworks on display spanning 5,000 years. Art is brought to life inside this castle-like building through an interactive approach. There are no labels, instead visitors use touchscreens to learn more about the pieces by Monet, Warhol, Caravaggio and countless others on display.

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