Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (2023)

Our people, the heart of Cleanaway, are committed to achieving our mission – Making a sustainable future possible


Join us in making a sustainable future possible

At Cleanaway, we believe that our mission of ‘making a sustainable future possible’ includes making a sustainable future possible for our people. To do this, we’re focused on making Cleanaway a better place to work and supports our operational team in making this possible. Our corporate business is spread across Australia and supports our operation teams strategically and functionally, these include roles across;

  • Revenue Growth and Customer Service
  • Fleet and Network Performance
  • Infrastructure Engineering and Compliance
  • Enterprise Services

If you have applied for a Corporate role one of our managers will be in touch with successful candidates shortly for a quick phone interview. Successful candidates will be invited for a 1st round interview and then a 2nd round.


What we offer

Here at Cleanaway it’s our people who are helping us make a sustainable future possible. Our teams strive for innovative ways of doing business and are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our processes, products and systems. Our performance-based culture creates opportunities for individuals and teams to achieve, and nurture talent to help grow careers within the business.

Making a sustainable future possible isn’t just about managing waste and natural resources; it’s also about being proactive members of the communities we live and work in. We work together with local organisations and councils to improve services and give back to communities.

We strive to make a sustainable future for the planet but also endeavor to to return value to all our stakeholders, and our people by providing job security, long term employment and career opportunities, because that is the ‘Cleanaway Way’.

Our committed workforce has enabled the business to grow both organically and through acquisition. With over 50 years industry experience we have long term contracts with our customers allowing us to provide long term employment and entire careers within our business.

We promote a performance-based culture, and offer learning and development opportunities to help our teams achieve ongoing success. We offer apprenticeship and traineeship programs to give people starting out in our industry a great foundation to build strong careers.

We also offer the following:

  • Apprenticeship, traineeships and internships
  • Brand new fleet with state-of-the-art technology
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Cleanaway university
  • Diversity and inclusion plans
  • Employee Assistance Program – EAP accessible for employees and their families
  • Employee referral programs
  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Service milestone recognition program
  • Shift work opportunities
  • Staff benefits including discounts on healthcare
  • Study assistance programs
  • Weekend work
  • Work life balance


At Cleanaway we believe we are a family, and above all else our family’s (our employees, customers and communities in which we operate) Health and Safety comes first. This is defined in our Values which ground us and form our guiding principles for how we behave as an individual and as a group. We believe in our Value of Home Safe, and we take responsibility for our personal safety, as well as that of our team. It’s a set of principles underpinned by systems of work that we call “Zero Harm”; which means working in an incident and injury free workplace. We are committed to Goal Zero and believe that everyone has the right to work in a safe workplace and everyone deserves to go Home Safe, every day.

The key indicators we use to check on our progress towards Zero Harm include monitoring:

  • Implementation of safety leadership programs
  • Zero Harm Observations of our work activities
  • Employee communication sessions and Toolbox Talks
  • Workplace site inspections
  • Employee and contractor drug and alcohol screenings
  • Internal and external audit programs

Our Cleanaway Way

      1. Cleanaway values
        We are a values-driven organisation and actively seek people who share our values and aspire to deliver results through living our values day in day out. At every level our people make a difference to our success whether they are at entry level, in a hands-on role or are people managers.
      1. Leadership model
        For us to be a great team, achieving great things, we need to work together, focused on the same goals. Teamwork is always stronger when we have clarity and when everyone knows what their job is and what is expected of them. Our Cleanaway Leadership Model is a guide that suggests specific leadership behaviours for specific environments. The Model is a framework designed to provide unambiguous performance expectations from incumbents and future leaders to fully align with our enterprise objectives and is used a recruitment tool when seeking leaders for our business.
      1. Diversity andInclusionPolicy
        We are proud of our diverse workforce, and embrace the strength and innovative thinking that comes from teams with diverse values, backgrounds, skills, experiences and aspirations. Whether our people are on the road, on site, or in the office, they are all part of delivering Cleanaway’s mission, to make a sustainable future possible.We value diversity and inclusionand recognise the benefits that it brings to our company, customers and other key stakeholders.
        Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and the supporting processes are aimed at creating a culture where our employees understand that each individual is unique and that managing diversity makes us more flexible, productive, creative and competitive.
        Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to all areas of our business, including recruitment, selection and appointment to roles, training and development, remuneration and reward, retention of employees, forms of leave and flexible working arrangements, succession planning and company policies and procedures.
      1. Aboriginal engagement
        One of the ways we’re delivering on our mission to make a sustainable future possible is committing to closing the gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Cleanaway endorses the vision of a nation which values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, cultures and peoples and recognises their unique position as the original custodians of Australia.
    1. Reconciliation journey
      For Cleanaway, reconciliation is about creating a level playing field for all employees while working with communities in a way that enables economic independence, whilst caring for country. We have built the foundations by educating our staff about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and heritage as a proud part of a shared national identity. We know that diversity makes us stronger as a business and we’ll continue to nurture a more culturally diverse community of employees, partners, customers and suppliers. Having completed our introduction to reconciliation through our ‘Reflect’Reconciliation ActionPlan (RAP) (2017-2018)we’re proud to now begin the next step in our journey with our ‘Innovate’ RAP (2018-2020).It is a vital contribution toward building a stronger Australian community – and an important part of our commitment to making a sustainable future possible.

“On the frontline, no day is the same enhancing my career aspirations and supplementing my skillsets along the journey. Personally, I really enjoy the dynamic operational environment "Cleanaway has challenged our team with and being able to contribute in delivering quality solid and liquid waste management services remotely to our valued customers”

Danny Martin – Branch Manager

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (1)

"Every day brings an interesting challenge.”

Tony Wieringa – Desktop Engineer

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (2)

“You need to be able to cope with change as the waste industry, regulations and requirements are always changing too.”

Nicole Tildesley – Administration Officer

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (3)

“I joined the Cleanaway team for their values, and their dedication to their mission of making a sustainable future possible (which still stands strong to this day). I thoroughly enjoy working for Cleanaway as I’m always learning, progressing, and developing my talents not only for my career but also my personal life. I like the fact that the organisation is agile, fast paced and is thriving with knowledge and opportunities for all.”

Alana Arnold – Executive Assistant

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (4)

“I have worked for Cleanaway for just over two years. I started as a HR Officer within the Solids NSW Business Unit and within 12 months progressed into a HR Partner role for the Technical Environmental Services Business Unit. The last two years have been the most valuable years of my career. Cleanaway is a great company to learn, develop and grow. I enjoy working for Cleanaway due to the challenges and opportunities available to me. Cleanaway is the perfect company for anyone looking to grow and develop in their career. Cleanaway lives by their values and these are embedded into everything they do – they really do walk the talk.”

Stephanie Bell – Human Resources Partner

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (5)

“The amount of opportunities for career progression has been exciting. I started my time at Cleanaway in the head office sales team, and have now moved into the field sales team. Along the way there have been many others from the inside sales team that have progressed into other teams across the whole business”

Adrian Gigliotti – Key Account Manager

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (6)

“My job gives me a sense of job security. Cleanaway looks after you in regards to truck maintenance and safety gear”

Don Errey – Driver – Cleanaway Daniels

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (7)

“Cleanaway provides me with job security. The thing I love best about our culture is that “people look after people”. I look forward to working with my team every day.”

Yadwinder Singh –Truck Driver, Leading Hand – Cleanaway Daniels

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (8)

“The hours are consistent and I love the flexibility the job provides.”

Ryan Park – Leading Hand Truck Driver – Cleanaway Daniels

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (9)

“I love working at Cleanaway because of the ability to grow and develop as a person, and the truckloads of support along the way!”

Mahalia Deylen – Team Leader - Inside Sales

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (10)

“Cleanaway is a fantastic company to work for. It provides progression which gives employees greater options in their career path.”

Darrell Bird -Driver

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (11)

“I joined Cleanaway almost 4 years ago and it has an enjoyable ride. I have been fortunate enough to further my career, work with great people and each day finishes with a feeling of self-worth, knowing I work for a company who genuinely cares about the future and is committed to providing my kids, and hopefully their kids with the same environment we enjoy today.”

Steven Byrne – Regional Manager

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (12)

“I have been working in the manufacturing industry for about 15 years, and Cleanaway has one of the best support systems for its employees and customers and its embedded in our culture.The resources available to me as a manager, enable me to do the right things and things right every time. The mentoring and coaching, and communication channels across the hierarchy of the business is transparent, which promotes and encourages best practices for its employees. The support that Cleanaway Management has provided me is immense , and I couldn’t ask for more as a Manager. The Eastern Creek site is proof of this, as we have come a long way since Day 1. Honoured to be a part of the Cleanaway family.”

Manoj Prabhu – Operations Manager

Life at Cleanaway Corporate | Cleanaway (13)

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