Middy's Opens Two New Branches (2023)

Middy's Carrum Downs moved to a brand new location on 20 March and Middy's Cranbourne West opened on 27 March.

Middy's Cranbourne West Now Open

Middy's Cranbourne West opened on 27 Marchand joins Middy's Cranbourne to provide betterbranch coverage across the town.

Our new branch is located on a main travel route, perfectly locatedto support our customers going to and from jobs. The newThompsons Road branch was ready for trading by 27 March.With two locations in the area now (3/1046 Thompsons Rd and35 Cameron St), Middy's now offer a geographic advantage for thelocal contractors having a footprint on both sides of Cranbourne, inaddition to our already popular delivery service.

Middy's Opens Two New Branches (1)

Our existing Cranbourne branch temporarily closed on 24 March2023 to undergo a major refurb and is set to re-open in July 2023.Whilst Cranbourne is being refurbished, all customers will find what theyneed at our new Cranbourne West Branch.

During the first week of trading at the new branch, customers enjoyed freecoffee, grabbing a bite from the food trucks, there was mystery door prizeson offer and they were also able to update their Middy's merchandisewhen opening a trade account.

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Branch features:
- Larger branch
- Better off-street parking
- Meeting room for your use
- Lighting & Tech displays showcasing the latest smart products

Meet The Middy's Cranbourne West Team

Middy's Opens Two New Branches (2)

Jarrod Dobler - Branch Manager
Jarrod joined Middy’s straight out of school in the cadetship program. May this yearwill mark 8 years of being a part of the Middy’s family for him. Highlights includethe amount of internal training that Middy’s has provided him with and the internalprogression/promoting from within the business. Jarrod was motivated to work atMiddy’s by his father who had a trading account with Middy’s for 34 years. Overhis time using Middy’s he noticed the longevity of Middy’s staff and the upbeatatmosphere.

Jarrod's personal business goals tend to translate into team goals. Their goal is tohave a successful branch that customers enjoy visiting and they often refer to theircustomers as "Raving fans".

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Outside of work, Jarrod absolutely loves spending time with his kids, whether it’sthe Nintendo Switch or camping, they always find something fun to do together. Healso loves all things sport, fishing, camping and gaming. Jarrod follows both the AFL(Sydney Swans for as long as he can remember) & NRL (Melbourne Storm for about15 years). Going to both the AFL & NRL Grand Finals in 2016 (2 days apart), withboth of his sides playing was one of his coolest experiences, even if both of his teamsunfortunately lost. Jarrod sites his greatest accomplishment to date, outside of work,as becoming a homeowner for the first time. At work, becoming a Branch Managerat 22 years of age was an accomplishment he was pretty happy about too.

Tiffani Holmes - Storeperson/Driver
Joining the Middy's Cranbourne West team a few months ago, Tiffani is reallyenjoying learning all about the many different products Middy's sell in branch. Theopportunity to work in an industry that she never expected to was motivation forTiffani to join the Middy's family. As a young mum of two girls, Tiffani successfullyjuggles work, family life and playing professional volleyball. Tiffani believes thatnothing can stop her from doing anything she wants in life. Her goal is to become ahomeowner in the next few years. Following in her dad's footsteps, she follows theHawks in the AFL, albeit not that passionately.

Ross Elston - Storeperson/Driver
Ross has enjoyed serving Middy's customers and learning about all the productsin branch for over 14 years. Motivated to work at a team branch within a Nationalcompany, he thrives on customer service and wants to continue to grow his careerat Middy's. With a background in horticulture/flower farming (Ross still lovesgardening) he is now about all things electrical. Outside of work, Ross enjoysplaying cricket (where he's scored a century), AFL & NRL footy (where he's played inpremiership teams) as well as golf. He's followed the Bombers in the AFL for 30 yearsand Brisbane in the NRL for 20 years. His coolest experience to date was walkingthe Kokoda track as well as the travelling he has done.

Come in and say hello to the team and see what Middy’s Cranbourne West can offer you to help you grow your business into the future.

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Middy's Carrum Downs Has Moved

Middy's Carrum Downs moved to a newlocation on 20 March to expand it'sofferings to local contractors.

Our new branch is conveniently located just across the roadat 7 Frankston Gardens Dr, Carrum Downs.

Whilst the branch opened on the Monday, the first Wednesdayof trading saw customers enjoy a Supplier Trade Day at thenew branch. Free coffee, pizza, the chance to score some freemerchandise and even a mystery prize draw were on offerfor those that came and met with some of Middy's keysuppliers and viewed their latest products on display.

Middy's Opens Two New Branches (3)

The new Carrum Downs branch will support Middy's effortsto serve the local industry for many years to come.

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Branch features:
- Larger branch & layout
- Increased range of stock
- Excellent off-street parking facilities
- Extensive range of Automation, Industrial & Lighting products

Meet The Middy's Carrum Downs Team

Middy's Opens Two New Branches (4)

Derek Page - Branch Manager
Derek has been in the electrical industry for nearly 33 years. He started withRBP Electrical in Bairnsdale. He made connections in the industry and was engagedto join Middy’s in 1992 . In 2005 he left the industry for 10 months but after realisinghe still bled pink, in February 2006 re-joined and over two stints with Middy’s hasenjoyed 29½ years of service. Derek says that everyday at Middy’s he is learningand continues to work hard for that next promotion. He likes playing and watchinggolf. In the AFL Derek has been a Western Bulldogs fan since age 6.He also likes cricket and had a very proud moment watching his son Flynn takethree wickets as a leg spin bowler at Galle Stadium in Sri Lanka where the lategreat Shane Warne took his 500th Test wicket.

Mark Nugent - Inventory Officer
Mark is another long-term Middy’s employee, with 20 years under his belt.His highlight is the people he gets to work with. Mark started out manufacturingrefrigerants to aircon fittings. He wanted to move to the Peninsula and achieve hispersonal goal of financial independence, so joined the Middy’s team. Some ofMark’s best life experiences happened when travelling at a younger age. He is theproud dad of three boys and enjoys watching them play sport. He’s been an AFLEssendon supporter all his life and also likes to watch basketball.

Michael Hampton - Storeperson
In September, Michael will reach 15 years with Middy’s. What initially appealed toMichael about Middy’s was it being family owned and he plans to work with us untilhe retires. He appreciates having the opportunity to work with his team and engagewith customers each day. Previously, he was a Branch Manager in the plumbingindustry. Michael’s hobbies include golf, horse riding and travel. Michael married hiswife in Las Vegas. On weekends they go down to their hobby farm to care for theirhorses and other livestock. His greatest accomplishment is being “Poppy Micky” totheir two beautiful grandchildren.

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David McConchie - Storeperson
Three and a half years ago, David joined Middy’s as he was motivated to expand hishorizons. In the past, David has worked in the oil and gas industry. Outside of work,David enjoys watching sports. He’s been a Hawthorn supporter in the AFL for 53years but also enjoys supporting the local cricket club, Lepage Park. On weekendsDavid can be found watching his son play cricket and socialising with friends. He ismost proud of his children and grandchildren. David once went on a helicopter flightover Melbourne which he says is the coolest experience he’s ever had.

Come in and say hello to the team and see what Middy’s Carrum Downs can offer you to help you grow your business into the future.

This article was originally featured in our quarterly Middy's MAG #41 Apr - Jun ’23 Edition. Read Latest Issue


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